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“Intro to Ashtanga Yoga” 6 Week Course with Stacy Plaske (Sun Salutations & Standing Postures)

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Always been interested in trying Ashtanga Yoga but for whatever reason thought it wasn’t for you? In this workshop Stacy will introduce, guide, and teach you the foundational elements of Ashtanga Yoga: Sun Salutations, Standing poses, drishti, bandhas, & ujjayi breathing. This beginning 6 week course will safely and gradually build your strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as mental […]

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A Series of ‘Not To Miss’ Lectures with Dr. Palevsky at Balance Yoga. First Up: Thursday, Feb 26th 7-9pm “Nurturing the Spirit of a Child” $30

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“Nurturing the Spirit of a Child” In this talk, on Nurturing the Spirit of a Child, attendees will be treated to some rarely presented information about children’s development, optimal ways to connect to children and help them feel safe, new insights into how children learn, and important tips on making parenting less stressful and more pleasant.  You will come away […]

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Ayurvedic Kitchen Pharmecopia: Learn the Therapeutic uses and medicinal applications of common Ayurvedic herbs & spices. Monday, February 23rd 11:30am

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Spice Up Your Life With Ayurveda The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices Discover “Nature’s Pharmacy”, the heart and soul of your kitchen! Not only will the use of various herbs and spices turn an ordinary dish into a stimulating feast for your taste buds, but also because they possess immense medicinal healing properties. Herbs are used as ‘special foods’, […]


Yoga to Support Weight Management: A two-month commitment with Danielle Tarantola.

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For details on dates, times, cost, etc, click here:  weightloss