As we move into the New Age of Healing, we are all facing significant and substantial shifts in the Earth’s Energy that’s affecting our Mind, Body, and Spirit. My hope is to create an environment that facilitates a multitude of healing modalities that can reveal and change deep limiting belief systems.  A nurturing, sacred space also provides an opportunity for you to experience a healing that can lift up and release emotional issues, physical ailments, and mental illusions.


I am grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge, experience, and training, having spent the last 10 years utilizing Holistic Treatments such as Hypnotherapy, Sound therapy, Crystal healing, EFT, Age regression, Reiki, and IET.  I am also passionate about teaching others powerful techniques for self-healing, many of which are now used in modern hospitals and clinics.  I have witnessed profound changes and incredible shifts in my client’s energy as they cleanse, balance, and restore their mental and physical health from the inside out.

Please join me on this journey and together we will flourish with wisdom, knowledge and limitless opportunities, as we discover greater powers of self-healing.

With love,

Kathy Galan