“I’ve been going to Balance on and off since it first opened 11 years ago (Stacy being my first instructor).  While my practice has not been a steady one over the years, I have finally been able to practice on a regular basis for over a year now.  I started practicing again last September in Stacy’s Saturday morning Vinyasa class and picked up a couple of other Vinyasa classes over the winter.  It was amazing how quickly I just fell into my practice again.  After about 8 months, Stacy noticed that my practice was becoming stronger and she suggested I try the Mysore Asthanga class.  At first, I was a little intimidated when she was explaining how the class was taught, but she said “just come in one night during the week, you’ll sit and watch – you’re gonna love it”.   Well, before I knew it I was the newest yogi in the Mysore Ashtanga classes and she was right, I am loving it. I believe it is Stacy’s love, appreciation and dedication to her practice, her students and Balance that has kept me coming back over the years.  She has this amazing uplifting spiritual energy that just emanates throughout Balance.  You feel it as soon as you walk through the door and you take it with you when you leave.  It’s truly an amazing feeling and something to be experienced.” -M.M.


“When you walk into Balance Yoga and Healing, you get an immediate feeling of a true authentic yoga studio. With a focus on the traditional Ashtanga yoga method, there’s no better place to learn such a special and unique practice. This vigorous form of yoga not only significantly strengthens your body, it helps balance you mentally and spiritually. Stacy Plaske is an absolutely incredible instructor providing a safe and nurturing way to learn the practice. She offers a rare combination of warmth, intelligence, detailed knowledge, and gentleness making her an extraordinary asset to all her students. The Mysore program at Balance has had such a tremendous positive impact on my life and I couldn’t imagine being without it.” -J.L.


“ I have practiced at a number of yoga studios over the last ten years and Balance Yoga in Huntington is by far the best studio I have ever been associated with.  Stacy Plaske is a kind, nurturing and dedicated teacher who is firmly and compassionately committed to helping all of her students lead a peaceful and fulfilling existence.  It just doesn’t get any better.”


”Balance is by far my favorite yoga studio and I highly recommend it to everyone. It has helped me add more peace, clarity, energy, happiness, strength, insight, flexibility, and much more to my life.  Stacy is an AMAZING teacher and she is very dedicated to making sure everyone is learning the proper way to maximize all the benefits yoga has to offer.  The teachers at Balance yoga are truly inspirational and you leave each class learning something new.” – C.E.


“Stacy Plaske is a very special yoga teacher. The depth of her commitment to the practice, the breadth of her knowledge, her generosity of spirit, and her unmatched ability to communicate unpretentiously and with clarity and attention to detail make her a wonderful guide for all yoga students from the absolute beginner to the most advanced and dedicated yogi. Balance Yoga is a very welcoming and well-managed studio that truly embodies the full philosophy of yoga.” -S.L.

“Everyone has their own Yoga lifestyle – mine is Ashtanga – and we that practice this are blessed to have Stacy and her staff teach us. Balance has many other types of Yoga and many different levels from beginners to experienced.  All are welcome. Come see how Yoga will change your life.” -E.G.


“Stacy is a teacher in the true sense of the word in that she embodies that which she is trying to teach.  She is peaceful, loving, and focused, attributes that are essential for a yogi.  Having studied in India and with many teachers of note in this country, Stacy has a thorough understanding and grasp of Yoga philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Not only does Stacy model the yoga postures with beauty and grace, but her verbal instructions are precise and meaningful – often she’ll find the perfect metaphor to describe a way in which to move the body to achieve the sought after result.  Stacy is not one of these teachers you tire of after a while. I’ve been her student for three years now and I find her as fresh and interesting to be with as on day one.  I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing the steady progress of other students in her classes – I’ve seen them grow and blossom under her tender care.” -J.K.


“As a yoga instructor for many years I have taught in quite a variety of studios, Balance Yoga and Healing is very special. The owner Stacy Plaske has created an environment out of her firm devotion that exemplifies the full spectrum of yogic practice within its walls, a true sanctuary for spiritual growth.” -A.D.


“Balance and Stacy are the real thing. If you are looking for fairy dust and unicorns there are other studios. If you are looking to develop a real practice based on a solid tradition and an enormous amount of experience, this is the place to park your mat.” -R.Y.


” Although I was not a new yoga practitioner, I was new to astanga yoga… I took the beginning astanga series with stacy and to this day several years later, I hear her voice in explanation of what kind of effort and letting go is needed to obtain full benefit of the asanas. I am always personally humbled by my yoga practice and appreciate the level of dedication that the Balance teachers have in bringing their experience and love of yoga in sharing their practice with Balance students.” -M.B.


“After 40 hard years of heavy construction falling off roofs twice be in numerous car accidents once on a bicycle once head on both cars traveling in excess of 60 mph believe me I needed yoga . I stumbled into Balance yoga about 10 years ago just in time ! Stacy and her instructors swept me away with a practice what you preach way of teaching .there high standards and respect for the authentic disciplines passed down 1000s of years worked for me .I instantly got hocked and the benefits came accordingly . My lower back that plagued  me for over 20 years with herniated  un stable disks is now pain free my flexibility and over all fitness although modestly accomplished has excelled to the next level allowing me to enjoy snow boarding wind and wave surfing beach Volly ball and much more things that frequently become difficult for people in their mid 50s . In today’s world where mediocrity is ever where great ness must be appreciated I thank Stacy and her teachers for there dedication and sincerity the students that practice benefit ! My suggestion JUST DO IT !” -D.B.


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mysore. My practice has taught me about dedication, devotion and perseverance. There is a meditative quality about it that keeps me centered, focused and balanced not only on my mat but in my daily life. I love that my practice is a part of me and I can take it with me wherever I go. None of this would have been possible without my wonderful, instructor, Stacy Plaske.  She is a truly loving and dedicated teacher and has taught me so much. I truly love Balance and the family that it has become.”  -P.T.


“After practicing for almost 3 years, I felt that I needed something more. My Yoga teacher at one of the large clubs suggested Balance Yoga. I signed up to give it a try and was blown away. The level of knowledge, dedication and care is unmatched. Stacy is a true guru and a wealth of knowledge. There is a “right way” that maximizes strength balance and power, while minimizing the risk for injury. Stacy knows exactly how far one should go and when.  What impressed me most however, is the physical condition that everyone in the class is in. It is truly inspiring to see what can be achieved. I have always worked out and kept in good shape but I have never experienced anything like this. Absolutely incredible ! We are fortunate to have a studio like this right in Huntington.” -R.L.


“Practicing at Balance has been a wonderful experience from day one. When I started I was looking for a place where I could deepen my practice. I was referred by a teacher with whom I had taken classes in the past. After taking vinyasa classes several times a week with their highly qualified teachers I began the Mysore program. At the time I didn’t know much about it and Stacy (the owner) explained it to me. I was pretty much convinced that this is what I was looking for.   Stacy is truly a wonderful person and a stellar teacher. She travels both within the United States and to India to attend trainings and workshops only to bring back what she’s learned and eagerly share it with her students. Stacy’s love for the practice and her students is apparent through her quest for knowledge, dedication to her students, and constant encouragement.    As a result of practicing under the guidance of such knowledgable teachers I have benefitted in many ways including increased flexibility & strength and a better ability to focus; and most importantly, I have a good time while doing it.” -S.H.



“Truth is working with Stacy has changed my life dramatically. I have been doing yoga for over 15 years in San Diego and NY and Stacy is by far the best teacher I have ever worked. Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail has helped me heal from injuries, turn my life around nutritionally, and through her inspired teaching style guided me to a daily yoga practice. I have lost weight, gained strength, confidence and has helped me grow my self development practice as well. I recommend her teaching, work and Balance Yoga very highly as I have taken many classes with other instructors at Balance as well. Do yourself a huge favor and work with Stacy and her instructors at Balance for the best yoga experience on Long Island.” -M.O.



“My dedication to the Mysore program has taught me to believe in myself and has given me strength I never knew I had.  Since I have started this journey it has given me greater mental clarity, emotional balance, energy and so much happiness.  Stacy is a extremely knowledgeable teacher and also a dedicated student.  She gives so much of herself to all of us and is always sharing her thoughts and guidance in the Mysore room.  I am truly grateful to be part of the Balance yoga family.” -D.A.