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Back By Popular Demand…. ‘Post-Boulder’ Yoga Workshop with Stacy at Balance Yoga. Saturday, May 3rd 1-4pm at Balance Yoga *By Donation*

s & t aug 25 '13

In this workshop taught by Stacy Plaske, who has just returned home from another course of study with Richard Freeman and staff in Boulder, CO, you will learn a variety of techniques to safely begin or tremendously enhance an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. We will explore many important and subtle concepts in this workshop beginning with an overview and proper understanding of balancing Prana and Apana Vayus (energy patterns) in the asanas (postures) which will then lead to the spontaneous engagement of mula and uddiyana ((subtle)) bandhas. We will work on refining and lengthening the ujjayi breath, as well as review healthy alignment patterns so that we can move through the Ashtanga Yoga practice in a safe and easeful way that will move us closer to finding sthira (steadiness) and sukham (ease) in each asana. This workshop will support you wherever you are in your yoga practice despite age, flexibility, strength, or current injuries/limitations. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how to approach standing postures, backbends, twists and inversions safely and effectively. My goal is for you to learn a lot and enjoy the process!

This workshop formerly asked for a $50 offering. Now we have changed it to **Donation Based***
We sure hope to see you there!

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