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Sound Healing With Quartz Bowls Karin Marcello. Sunday, August 24th 4pm $45 pre-reg/$55 door



Sunday August 24th 4pm

$45   (2 days before $55)

Experience the resonating quartz bowls and toning; a powerful method of healing. Experience a two hour shamanic journey with Karin using her healing, musical, and psychic abilities. Karin uses Quartz bowls and her voice to create sound for healing. The bowls are silica quartz and resonate deeply with our bones. She studied this form of healing from a Sufi practitioner in Spain and felt guided to share it.

Opening meditation, chakra clearing, energy work, grounding, and closing meditation are included in the healing. It has the potential to release blockages physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It helps relieve people of any physical and chronic pains. During the journey you will be laying down with pillows and blankets, Karin will bring you in and out of meditation, do a chakra alignment, and perform Reiki on you. Karin will do a small reading before the journey begins to see what energy you need and how you received the energy. *Caution – if you have any metal in your body you may feel a strong over sensitivity during this healing.

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